Friday, March 23, 2007

ETC: Thoughts While Searching Craigslist

"Dinning table $200." If someone else is selling dinning chairs, I'll have a complete set!

I admire the derring-do of someone who COULD just throw out that two-dollar tealight holder, but instead goes to the trouble of placing an ad and shilling it for fifty cents. That's four bits, dude! Four bits can still buy you some candy!

With all those exclamation points, that must be one hell of a sofa bed.

"Furniture - $800." Hey! I need furniture! This is the ad for me!

I see the words "DON CHERRY BUBBA KEG LAMP!!" I see the words "VERY COOL!" I just never thought I'd see them together.

Thinking about all these used mattresses makes me uncomfortable.

I get that everyone has to deal with a vomitously ugly sofa at some point in their lives. Your parents give it to you for your first apartment, or you inherit it from a previous tenant or a former roommate or whatever. You live with it. You move on. You try to fob it off on some other poor sucker. I can accept that. What I can't accept is that, at some point, someone at the beginning of the consumer food chain actually paid full retail for it.

Someone somewhere is patting himself on the back and saying, "I KNEW if I waited long enough, a six-piece pink leather sectional would come along."


Alice said...

I inherited two used mattresses when I bought my flat. And I sold one of them. And yes, I was grossed out by the entire transaction, but it was either that or pay to have them picked up with the garbage.


Anonymous said...

I have that same thought about fugly sofas everytime I peruse Craigslist. Who is walking into a furniture store and asking for the garish plaid, cushions-onto-the-armrest monstrosity?

BabelBabe said...

Oh man, I have an entire folder on my computer with crazy-ass Craig's List listings. This made me crack up.

and remember fondly our nasty brown plaid scratchy sectional that lived in my apartment for five years after college.

Catherine said...

Totally irrelevant to this post, but I wanted to say I just discovered your blog and I love reading it! Inspired me to catalogue my reads of 2007. :) You rock!

Sandy D. said...

Ooooh! This morning (how timely), on my local freecycle: "I have a long hide-a-bed sofa that would be great for the fraternity house, or a basement play area.

It has a few tears in the fabric, it would need a slipcover. The bed
part works fine and is fairly comfortable for a sofa bed. It will need a good vacuuming, since we have dogs and cats, but are non-smokers.

It would be great if someone could come and get it tonigt, since it is
outside and we are supposed to get storms."

Because doesn't *everyone* need a wet animal-hair covered sofa that would fit right in at at frat? LOL.