Monday, March 26, 2007

WEB: Needing Clearification

I was planning to write a proper post about, you know, books and stuff, but then I ended up spending waaaaaay too much time at this site, thanks to my good buddy Slushpile.
"I memorized most of Shakespeare a couple of weeks ago... by the way, a little overrated, you know. I totally respect him but come on, dude. Nobody talks like that."
The really goofy thing is that I've spent ages on this guy's site, I've laughed at his jokes, I've enjoyed his weird little movies, I've even perused his tour schedule (which, I think it's safe to say, is the funniest tour schedule on the entire internet). But I can't find his friggin' NAME anywhere.


Kriszti said...

His name is Demetri Martin, I found it on the tour page. It really is hillarious!

Sassmaster said...

To see his most recent appearance on the Daily Show, go here:

Carrie said...

Also, he is hott. Actually, he is hotttt. If you came to New York you could see him in person.