Tuesday, September 09, 2008

No, Really... He Likes Books

Hola! Things are still nutty around here. The leaves are turning red (well, brown, but work with me). Toddlers are turning into preschoolers. Infants are turning into babies.

Specifically, infants are turning into loud, loud, let-me-just-say-that-again LOUD babies. To wit:

We do feel lucky to have such a jolly baby this time around, unlike his grouchasaurus older brother. It's just kind of funny that Will's happiness makes him sound exactly like Archie Bunker.


restlessly said...

Oh my gosh, the cuteness! Loook at those chubby cheeks!!

Thanks for remembering us here - and for sharing this. Will just looks like he's very, very passionate about something? Somehow reminds me of the Italians - so loud and expressive when they feel strongly about something, that they sound almost upset and angry at you. Although they're not really angry or upset.

At least that's how they come across to me, since I don't understand Italian and all. ;)

landismom said...

Drive the bus! Drive the bus! Daddy, drive the damn bus!!!!!


Carrie said...

What a smart baby! Who wants to drive a bus anyway?

It kills me how alike he and his bro look... Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

oh, oh! how adorable. can tell he's really passionate about books :) hee...

babies can be choosy i guess. my son refused the cloth book i bought about different animals that came with rattles and stuff. but, he'll go bonkers with his Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star book that he eventually loved it so much, he ripped it to pieces :s

Sonya Worthy said...

I want to be that excited about the book I'm reading! mine was feeling a little slow for a while, but it's actually getting better. Am about half way through Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan.

Cute baby!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and love your sense of humor! How old is Will? My youngest (of 4!!!) is 9 months.

I like the 50-books idea, too. Maybe I should start something like that for one of the jillion projects I never get around to.

Added you to my blogs-i-read list...I'll be checking back regularly.